from Jessica Kerr

As developers we have the power to automate our own work, to turn our PC into our partner. When should we use this power? ...and where should we stop?

PowerShell is the best language for this. (And I say that after decades of automating with bash!) It runs on every operating system now, and it is built on consistent core concepts -- learn these, and you'll gain skills quickly on the fly.

This course includes:

  • scripting in PowerShell
  • underlying concepts of shells and PowerShell
  • examples, from aliases to command-line utilities
  • how to find out how to do everything else
  • good reasons to automate, and good reasons not to
  • bonus material: how to adjust from bash
  • automation strategies useful in any language

You'll get ~24 short, focused videos you can watch on a coffee break. You'll gain the knowledge to expand your own abilities, maintain more code, and make fewer mistakes. Become more powerful at all programming, by programming personal automation.

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